Mission Statement

Not all shit pubs are really shit. And conversely not all nice new pubs are not shit. In fact, the best pubs are often the shittest pubs. And the worst – the least shit.

Then again, some shit pubs are just shit. And a few of the not shit ones aren’t shit.

Know what we mean? Yeah, sure you do.

Shit Pubs

Great. That’s that sorted out, then. All that out the way, let’s get down to it. The snappily-titled Shit & Not Shit Pubs in Reading is here to sort this city’s town’s pubs out for you. Don’t get tricked by all this lumberjack-bearded barman, torquoise and grey colour scheme, pulled pork, £5.10 a pint nonsense. Head to us to find out if your local boozer is ticking the boxes of what really makes a pub great. We’re talking things like pork scratchings, pub dogs, billiards tables, weird locals, lock-ins…

From the geniuses that bring you Facebook’s most successful Reading-based humour page, Shit Things in Reading, this exciting new pub review website is blah, blah, blah. You get the idea.

If you prefer eating to drinking, you might like to attempt digesting our other crappy RG1 review site, Inedible Reading. Or not. It really is up to you.