Which Reading Icon Are You…?

There are many iconic figures in RG1. But which best suits your personality? Are you the rich football one? The one that teases poor people with large cheques? Or the Elvis one? Find out here!

1. A member of the public stops you on Broad Street. What do you talk about?

a) How Reading FC are getting on.
b) What Tiswas was like to film.
c) Elvis.


Who is your favorite recording artist?

a) I don’t listen to music, it distracts me from my various business interests and philanthropic activities.
b) Status Quo.
c) Elvis.


Who has been the love of your life?

a) Cilla Black.
b) My ex-wife Ingrid. Even though she’s a bit of a bitch by all accounts.
c) Elvis.


What has been your proudest achievement to date?

a) Selling my company Hurst Publishing in 1998 for £174 million.
b) Appearing in the BBC show Would I Lie to You? on David Mitchell’s team alongside Mel Giedroyc.
c) Elvis.


Which American singer was born on January 8th 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi and is widely regarded ‘The King of Rock and Roll’?

a) Elvis.
b) Elvis.
c) Elvis.


How did you get on?

Mostly A’s? You’re Sir John Madejski!
Mostly B’s? You’re Chris Tarrant!
Mostly C’s? You’re Reading Elvis!


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